Why I started online coaching

As you may have noticed, I recently started a new business venture of online coaching.

The biggest question I am getting is why? Why did you start online coaching when you work a full time job?

My answer is simple: to help more people.

Every day in my outpatient role I am working with Chronic Disease Management, which is a fancy term for: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and more. I am helping people manage these diseases through diet and lifestyle interventions.  We can’t reverse the disease or take it away but we can help control it and stop it from progressing quickly into something worse.

Every day I think to myself, how can I help people change BEFORE chronic disease becomes a term they use in their lives? Before they receive a life changing diagnosis.

This is where online coaching came in.

People are busy and want to be able to make lifestyle changes from home, they do not want to take time away from their jobs, families or friends and that is why online coaching works in today’s society!

My role as an online coach is to provide daily accountability (how many people can talk to a dietitian daily?) as well as motivation and support. I am able to provide my favorite nutrition and fitness tips to help assist people in creating a healthier lifestyle.

What I expect of my clients is that they check in daily with me about their nutrition and exercise. If motivation is low, we can strategize ways to improve it! If they are struggling with making a balanced meal at supper we can talk about quick easy meal ideas! The support I can provide is endless.

Yes there is a fee, just like any business. But the cool thing is you are essentially only paying for the fitness program that you will get to use for as long as you like!  My support comes as a bonus. It is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me, most one-on-one services are at least $150 per hour.

If you think joining an online accountability group is for you, or you would like more information: click here



**Please not: I do not provide counseling services through online coaching.

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